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Author:雅思达新闻中心    Time:2011/11/22

       The production of plastic hose to meet the requirements

As science and technology development and market competition intensifies, customer demand is rising. This demand is reflected in the following aspects: First, to improve production efficiency to meet the delivery and the need to reduce production costs for some products, but also demand that the plastic tube production line and production machinery to dovetail; second is to adapt to product updates changing needs of production line for plastic hose with high flexibility and flexibility; 3 when the device fails, the requests can be remote diagnostic services; 4 is conducive to environmental protection, noise, dust and waste less; 5 is the equipment purchase investment in as little as possible, the price should be as low as possible. Therefore, we must on the basis of market research to fully understand customer needs careful analysis to determine the plastic tube production line should be completed in the functions and various technical indicators to formulate the initial principles of design.

Plastic hose production line first in the design concept, we should learn from the experience of advanced countries to the needs of users for the design objectives, combined with flexible design, modular design concept, a multi-purpose machines, or replacement of a small number of zero, the components can be completed different functions, or to meet different product requirements.

Modern plastic tube production line design process should include: market research, user needs analysis, functional plastic tube production line identification, feasibility studies, development of design, user-benefit analysis, program feasibility study, schematic design, structural design , construction design, prototype production (VM), l technical verification and construction plans, revised and formulated plans, and remote diagnostics service program to improve the design, serialized design.

Modern plastic tube production line should be designed to meet the "green design", that is user-friendly design. It is the quality-oriented design, ydsky1221 assembly design, manufacturing design, maintenance, design, reliability design of integrated design. China's large population, ydsky1228 than in developed countries with low per capita consumption level, but also urban and rural areas are quite different packaging systems should be designed to cheap-based, can not blindly pursue high-caliber. Taking into account the reliability, safety, environmental protection, low noise and other factors. Fully embody the principle of optimization, structural optimization, manufacturing optimization, shape optimization.


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